Notability turns into a free app

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Yesterday (November 1, 2564) Notability app notes celebrated the new update, version 11.0, allowing users to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS available to download free for new customers. From the original, having to buy the app, pay once for about 279 baht.

Since the app is free to download, to take full advantage of the Notability experience features, users will need a $14.99 per month annual subscription. To unlock features, new users can try it for 14 days.

Including many people who already own the Notability app who paid almost 300 baht to buy the app before as well. It will be available to continue for a full year. After which another user’s annual subscription will be require ufabet.

After the update is release, instead of the positive feedback it is made available for free download. But there are still criticisms from many current users. Some have just bought the app and some have bought extra features in the app. But when there is an update Instead. They must be force to apply for a yearly subscription. Although previously paid once, can be use for a long time

But there was also the question of whether Notability switched to a subscription plan instead of a one-time purchase. And will disabling features within 1 year will violate the App Store review practices?? Because it is state that “If an app changes to that subscription model, Developers must not disable any features for which the user has already paid for it.”

However, with this update, Notability has state. That it will allow the app to be updated more frequently. It’s also free for schools using Apple School Manager.