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Unfit to dethrone Asus’ Zephyrus G14

Acer’s Predator Triton 300 SE is chasing after the hype that Asus built with last year’s excellent Zephyrus G14. It’s similar in a few key ways: it’s a sophisticated-looking gaming laptop bordering on ultrabook territory in terms of its sleek and relatively thin design. It has a 14-inch 1080p display with a fast refresh rate and respectable graphics capabilities to top it off.

The Triton 300 SE has a 60Wh four-cell UFABET battery that lasts around six hours on average with relatively light usage.  More on this later, but safe to say it’s considerably less than the 10-hour battery life Acer claims. You can feel confident taking the Triton 300 SE out to a cafe to do some work for a few hours. But if you intend to be out all day, or use it to do any gaming, you’ll need to bring the charger.

Whether limited battery life bothers you or not, there are some other issues that I couldn’t help but notice. The interplay of all-plastic on the lid and an all-metal chassis looks fine, but the lid feels flimsy in a way that makes me concerned for its longevity. Applying just a few pounds of pressure to the Predator logo beneath the display makes it bow more than it should.

On the unit that Acer sent us, the softer plastic built into the screen’s bezel that cushions the lid when it closes has tiny gaps where it’s not seamlessly adhered. And near the keyboard, the “Turbo” key that amps up the fans has a slight imperfection on it. Lastly, Acer stuffed far too much annoying bloatware into the Triton. About every hour, there’s a pop-up asking me to install or subscribe to something.

It’s not surprising that, with its newer components.