Apple updated MacOS 11.3 a massive security patch

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Even if you’re not into iOS apps or games, it’s probably best to install it ASAP.

Apple has just released macOS 11.3, alongside iOS 14.5. It’s probably worth updating your Mac to it as soon as you can — not only because it comes with some new features for UFABET.

While Apple’s built-in anti-malware system could still block malicious programs if Apple were aware of them

Aside from security updates, one of the biggest new improvements in 11.3 (at least for owners of M1 Macs) is the ability to resize iPhone and iPad app windows. Apple’s also added keyboard, mouse, and trackpad support for games that are compatible with controllers.

The infinity symbol in the queue controls the Autoplay feature
The infinity symbol in the queue controls the Autoplay feature

The News and Podcasts apps also have redesigned pages to make them easier to use (with the former getting a reworked search feature.

At $6,400 it is the smallest digital medium format body Hasselblad has ever made, but its unique form factor takes time and patience to get used to.

Over the years, Macs have adapted to catch the most common types of malware by putting technical obstacles in their way. Indeed, macOS flags potentially malicious apps masquerading as documents that have been downloaded from the internet. 

Owens told TechCrunch that the bug allowed him to build a potentially malicious app to look like a harmless document,