Leaked price of iPhone 13 may be the most expensive

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If this year Apple’s schedule has not changed. We may also see the company launch the iPhone 13 this coming September, which has recently been reported that the price of it may increase even more due to higher chipset manufacturing costs. But there are still no exact numbers that will be more expensive than before.

Data from the latest report indicates that the mini may have a starting price of 5,499 yuan, or about 27,640 baht, but the top-of-the-line model, the 1TB Pro Max, may cost more than 14,099 yuan, or about 70,900 baht.

iPhone 13 mini price

  • 64GB capacity, price 5,499 yuan, or about 27,600 baht
  • 128GB capacity, price 5999 yuan, or about 30,100 baht
  • 256GB capacity, price 6,799 yuan, or about 34,100 baht

iPhone 13 price

  • 64GB capacity, price 6,299 yuan, or about 31,600 baht
  • 128GB capacity, price 6,799 yuan, or about 34,100 baht
  • 256GB capacity, price 7,599 yuan, or about 38,100 baht

iPhone 13 Pro price

  • 128GB capacity, price 8,499 yuan, or about 42,700 baht
  • 512GB capacity, price 10,499 yuan, or about 52,700 baht
  • 1TB capacity, price 13,299 yuan, or about 66,800 baht

iPhone 13 Pro Max price

  • 128GB capacity, price 9,299 yuan, or about 46,700 baht
  • 512GB capacity, price 11,299 yuan, or about 56,760 baht
  • 1TB capacity, price 14,099 yuan, or about 70,900 baht

In fact, compared to the iPhone 12 series, it’s not much different. Since the price of the iPhone 12 mini in China starts at 5,499 yuan, or about 31,600 baht as well, but the latest price looks expensive because the Pro model has a 1TB capacity option.