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LG’s new G7 ThinQ has a horrendous name, but the phone itself is pretty important. It’s not a stretch to call this a restart for the company. 

LG has said that going forward, it’s not going to rush out new phones on the same schedule as Samsung just for the sake of it. Instead, LG plans to spend more time making its new hardware really count. The G7 UFABET is the first product designed under that philosophy. It’s got a notch, good cameras, and some AI smarts

The biggest problem is price. Some US carriers are selling the G7 for as high as $750, which is even more expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy S9. The S9 is typically the default Android smartphone purchase for many consumers, so it’s genuinely perplexing that LG isn’t trying to undercut Samsung in any meaningful way. I think the G7 ThinQ offers a strong enough package to cost somewhere between $600 and $650, but over $700 is just pushing it too far.

The G7’s overall design has a lot in common with last year’s V30: glass on both sides, curved edges, and a refined look. It comes in a range of nice colors. My production retail unit is the black model, and I’m starting to feel really over black, slippery, smudgy phones. I’m sure the red and silver versions hide fingerprints much better. The G7 is IP68 water resistant, and there’s an actual power button on the side this time, so the fingerprint sensor on back doesn’t push in anymore.

G7 ThinQ

LG has augmented Assistant with a number of device-specific commands.